Mistakes To Avoid When Using a Reusable Face Mask 

Reusable masks on the bed

Wearing A Face Mask In The New Normal

Although wearing a face mask is not a new concept, most people started wearing one during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before then, to many, the face mask was for medical professionals. Today, even as many countries lift lockdown restrictions, many still insist on the importance of wearing a mask when in public spaces. 

Unfortunately, even months after wearing a reusable mask in Singapore, many people still use and handle the mask poorly. These are some of the common mistakes you should avoid. 

Failing To Wash Your Hands Before Touching Your Mask

Before putting on or removing your mask, you need to ensure your hands are clean. Either wash or sanitize your hands every time you need to remove or wear your reusable mask Singapore. Unfortunately, many people forget or are unaware that their hands can contaminate a sterile mask if they handle it with unwashed hands. 

Constantly Touching The Mask.

When some people get uncomfortable with their masks, they automatically reach for the mask and pull it down from the nose. The risk with this, besides the fact that you are exposing yourself, especially when in crowded places, you are transferring microbes from the Singapore reusable mask to your hands. 

Poor Storage Of The Mask

When you remove a reusable mask Singapore with the intention to wear it again, you need to store it well. Leaving it on a table means you are exposing it to bacteria and other harmful organisms on the surface. When you wear the reusable mask, you will inhale some of the viruses you are supposed to avoid. Instead, fold the mask and put it in a sterile pouch or zip lock bag. 

The same needs to be done for reusable face masks that need to be washed. Instead of outing them with the rest of your laundry, put the face masks in a pouch until you are ready to wash them.

Wearing The Same Reusable Mask For Days

Many people assume the reusable mask Singapore is not dirty if it appears clean. However, the issue is not whether the mask is clean or dirty. It is a question of harmful microbes that may be present on the mask., Since they are invisible, it is important to assume the mask you wore yesterday carries bacteria and viruses that need to be washed off. 

If possible, when in public for many hours, carry an extra Singapore reusable mask so that you can have a fresh one after a few hours. 

Wearing The Mask Incorrectly.

Wearing a loose-fitting reusable mask Singapore does not provide you with the same protection as a fitting mask. Likewise, you get no protection when you leave your nose exposed when you place it on your chin. The face mask should protect your nose and mouth. 


Wearing a Singapore reusable mask has been greatly beneficial. However, you get the full benefits if you handle the reusable mask appropriately. Extra care is expected from one using a reusable mask over the person with a disposable mask. You will be better protected against illnesses associated with the various microbes, including flu and coronavirus, when you avoid these mistakes.