10 Essential Bathroom Accessories 

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What’s In A Bathroom?

If there is one room in the house with plenty of accessories options, it is the bathroom. Most of the accessories are both functional and decorative. You can find hundreds of bathrooms in Malaysia with accessories, some you probably didn’t need until you saw them. 

These are some of the ten most essential bathroom accessories.


The mirror is probably the most common bathroom accessory. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The mirrors are meant to be impressive, and they are to stand out. Mirrors are usually the centrepiece of the bathroom. Get a mirror that will enhance the beauty and appeal of your bathroom. 

Soap and Lotion Dispensers 

 The soap and lotion dispensers add a nice touch of elegance to the bathroom. Instead of using the soap and lotion in their original bottles, you can get more attractive dispensers that will make your bathroom more personalised and unique. 


You can make shelves in your bathroom DIY project or even get mantles from the store. These shelves are handy storage facilities and decorative fixtures that can hold your plants and other aesthetic pieces. 

Light fixtures

Lighting is important in the bathroom. However, you can get a light fixture that will enhance your decor. Sometimes the light fixture can be the focal point of the bathroom. When choosing the fixture, you need to decide if you want it to stand out of fit in with the faucet and other important features in your bathroom. 

Towel Ring 

A towel ring placed close to the washbasin is a great accessory to have in your bathroom. Having the towel close to the sink is handy, but the ring is a nice touch. You can even get one that complements the faucets. 

Apothecary Jars

Apothecary Jars are amazing additions to your bathroom. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the jars can also be used as storage units for your cotton balls. Alternatively, you can get decorative stones and beads to add colour and character to your bathroom. 

Toilet Holder

If you don’t like the toilet holder in your bathroom., you can easily change it to a more attractive one. You can get toilet holders made of Chrome, Brass, Stainless Steel, Matte Black, and so much more. The Toilet Holders are also available in a range of styles and sizes. 

Vanity Stools

If you prefer sitting while cleaning your face or even if you don’t, a vanity stool can be a great accessory. You can choose a vintage vanity stool or a more modern one. Whichever your preference, this is a great accessory. 

Shower Curtain Rings

Hold your shower curtains in place using shower curtain rings. These are available in different styles and sizes. If you want the curtain ring to stand out, ensure you get a shower curtain that does not overwhelm it. 

Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush holders are not only functional, but they are also great bathroom accessories. Some toothbrush holders can be mounted on the wall, while others need to be placed on the vanity counter. 

These are some of the bathroom accessories you should consider getting. Fortunately, most of these accessories are affordable, and since they come in many styles, you get to choose those that fit your budget.