Things To Know Before Ordering Customised Caps 

black and teal cap with the words worthy

Why Are Customisation On Caps Important?

People wear customised caps for various reasons. They are a fashion accessory, improve visibility under the glare of the sun, and help to regulate body temperature. Companies also use caps for marketing their brand. However, a good customised cap has to be stylish and unique for it to be eye-catching. Various companies in Singapore produce embroidery caps. However, before ordering the caps, you need to know several things. 

Why Do You Want Personalised Caps? 

Before placing your order for custom caps, you need to be clear on your reasons. Do you need caps to promote your business? Will your staff be the only ones to wear them, or do you intend to give some to your clients? When you know why you want customised caps, it will be easier for you to decide the type of caps, the text, and the logo to use. 

If you are targeting young people, you may need to pick a trendy design. People who love adventure or the outdoors may prefer caps made from durable material, while older people may be more interested in the traditional cotton caps. 

What Printing Options Are Available?

Before settling for one company customising caps, it is best to check out a few. Find out the type of printing they offer for personalised caps. Most custom caps in Singapore are printed using embroidery and screen printing. 

Embroidery is considered more sophisticated. You also have more options when choosing fonts, colours, and the print area. The downside is embroidery often costs more than screen printing. 

Consider The Different Types Of Caps.

It is easy to assume that one cap is the same as the next one. However, caps are different, from their style to the fabric. Some styles are considered current, while others are seen to be outdated. You don’t want to spend resources on custom caps only for your target market to reject it because they consider the design unsuitable. 

Structured and unstructured caps, baseball caps, trucker caps, flexfit caps, and dad caps are common types of caps. These customised caps have some distinct differences. For example, structured and unstructured caps are made from stiff fabric, such that when placed on a surface, the cap retains its shape. 

Baseball caps are commonly customised because they have a great shape, style and are made from breathable material. Trucker caps have a mesh at the back, so you can only personalise the front panels. 

What Is Your Preferred Branding Design? 

The branding design you choose will depend on the type of custom caps you choose. The type of fabric and the printable surfaces will influence how you customise the cap. Since caps are functional and aesthetic, you need to find one that meets your branding needs. 

Established brands in Singapore tend only to use their logo on their customised caps. This is because their logo is already well known. However, for a startup, more information may be necessary. If you intend to add your website and a catchy slogan, you need to ensure the space on the custom cap is sufficient. 

Even as you choose colours for the caps, you need to ensure the logo will be visible and attractive. People are more likely to wear customised caps if they like them. These caps are walking billboards that will market your business. You need to take steps to ensure the caps and branding design you choose are effective. Look for a vendor that does customised caps in Singapore to make one today!