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Which Types of Foreign Worker Insurance is Right for Your Business?

An insurance is an arrangement by which a company or may be the state ensure to give some kind of compensation in case of any kind of losses or damage or even in case of death. Foreign workers insurance is a type of insurance that covers individuals who go out of their native lands to work in a foreign country, against any medical injuries.

Foreign Workers Insurance

Any individual who works in a foreign land for any tenure is liable to get this insurance. Any individual who travels out of their country is covered under this insurance to be compensated for any injuries that happen to them while they are on-the-job.

The foreign workers insurance is availed a lot by those industries where people come to work from different countries. For example, in the hospitality business, a hotel can employ someone from a foreign country. That person then becomes liable to be covered under the foreign workers medical insurance.

Also, we are living in a global world. Every year, every day, every hour people are travelling from one end of the globe to the other end for work. Each time an individual travels to a foreign country whether from the manufacturing sector or the service sector, whether from the utility industry or the entertainment industry, the industrial products sector, or the infrastructure sector, they come under the purview of the foreign workers insurance that give them the much-needed medical security.

This insurance is provided by the employer under state regulations that differ from country to country. However, the premise of the insurance remains the same all over the world.

Types of Foreign Workers Insurance

There are different types of foreign workers insurance depending on the country where it is availed. However, the basic coverage remains to be the same under any foreign workers insurance. Hospital room charges: in case of hospitalization, the insurance will cover the cost of your hospital room charges to a certain limit fixed by the state. Intensive or critical unit charges: in case you meet with an accident and is put in an intensive care unit, the insurance will cover the cost incurred.

Surgery Charges

In case you must undergo any surgery due to any accident or injury, the insurance will cover the cost.

Miscellaneous Hospital Expense

During your stay in the hospitals all the miscellaneous expenses like medicines, dressing, therapy charges: all this is covered under this insurance. Pre and post hospitalization charges: any kind of expense incurred for investigation and diagnosis pre- and post-hospitalization is covered by this insurance.