Guide to Buying Acrylic Display Stands

You have probably seen different types of popular acrylic display stands in retail stores and corporate office. Given the wide range of goods on display, the acrylic stand comes in different designs and sizes. Some are large enough to hold books and magazines. Some of the small acrylic stands are used as business card holders, pen holders, and product support holders.

When buying acrylic display stands, there are several things you need to have in mind. 

Do you want a display for single or multiple products?

The acrylic stand is an excellent way of displaying your products. You will discover an acrylic stand holder for a single item. Tiered acrylic shelves are ideal for multiple products. What’s important is to find one that is adequate for your displays. 

When deciding between a single and tiered acrylic stand, you need to consider the items you want to display. Items like brochures can be piled together in a tiered acrylic stand. However, some items are better displayed on a single acrylic stand for a better impact. For example, single acrylic stand holders are popular in luxury retail stores to draw attention to the product. 

Should you get clear or coloured acrylic stands?

Clear acrylic stands are the most common type. Many people prefer them because they don’t want the acrylic stand to take attention away from the products on display. However, the coloured acrylic stand holder can also be alluring and great at drawing attention to someone’s desk. 

There are three main types of coloured acrylic display stands, transparent, translucent, and opaque. Your choice will depend on your preference. You may choose to use coloured acrylic display stands that fit in with the interior décor of the space it will occupy. 

Consider the shape of the acrylic stand

Since items of different shapes are placed on acrylic display stands, you will find stands of different shapes in the market. For example, retail shoe stores display shoes on acrylic stand holders that are in the shape of the shoe. 

The acrylic material can be manipulated into any shape. You can request for display stands to be designed into your desired shape. When you get the right acrylic stand, you will have a neat display that is likely to draw the attention of potential customers. 

You should also consider the general shape of products you expect to have on display. This way, you can rotate the products on the acrylic display holder without feeling the need to have many acrylic display stands. Choosing the shape you need most will ultimately save you money. 

Choose a stand that is easy to clean

The acrylic stand is generally easy to clean. However, some are easier to clean because they don’t have deep corners that collect dust. If your office or store is located in an area where dust and dirt easily accumulate on surfaces, you should opt for simple acrylic display stands. 

The acrylic stand holder is the practical choice for displaying products in a store. Acrylic is a better material than glass because it does not break easily. It also does not scratch easily, so you may not feel the need to replace the acrylic display stands often.