Wooden Photo Blocks vs Acrylic Photo Blocks

Technology has not only improved the quality of photos we take, but it has also changed how photos are presented and displayed. Recent innovations include acrylic photo blocks and customized wood photo prints

Since both displays are attractive and unique, choosing one over the other can be difficult. Before deciding whether you should go for acrylic or wooden photo blocks, it is best to look at each photo display’s pros and cons. 

Acrylic photo blocks add depth to images.

When you look at the image on the acrylic photo block, it appears at the block’s bottom. The depth makes the image more dramatic and increases colour intensity. On the other hand, Wood photo prints appear on the surface of the wooden photo block. Both photo blocks are fascinating and offer unique impressions of the same image. 

Wooden photo blocks are cheaper.

If your choice of photo block depends on the cost, then you’ll discover that the wooden photo block is cheaper. The price difference may be linked to the process used in attaching the image or the final product. However, the price difference is not too huge, so you can still choose based on other factors besides price. 

Acrylic and wooden photo blocks are durable.

One of the concerns buyers have when comparing the acrylic and print photo on wood block, the question is often linked to durability. Both photo blocks can last a lifetime if well cared for. However, the acrylic photo block is scratch-free and does not break easily when it falls. 

The wooden block, on the other hand, is a little delicate. It can scratch if one rubs it against a rough surface. When exposed to water, the edges may also be affected. 

The acrylic photo block sometimes has a glare.

Since the acrylic photo block is glass-like, it tends to have a glare if placed close to the window. To fully appreciate the vibrancy of the acrylic photo block, it is best to place it in a place where the light’s glare will not interfere with the photo’s appearance.

The wooden photo block does not usually reflect. So, you have greater flexibility on where to place the photo. 

Both make great gifts.

Acrylic and wooden photo blocks can be personalized. This makes them excellent gifts, especially if you are looking for a unique, functional gift. Both are decorative and keepsakes that receivers will cherish for life. 

If you want a corporate gift, the acrylic photo block may be ideal because it has an element of class that will enhance an office’s appeal. The wooden photo block is a little informal and is a better choice for the home. However, it comes down to preference and where one wants to place the photo block. 

Wooden photo blocks are excellent for rustic décor

Both acrylic and wooden photo blocks are easy to spot when one walks into a room. It is important to remember these photo blocks are not just a way to showcase your photos. They can be critical to your décor.

Acrylic photo blocks are excellent for modern decors and may look out of place when used in a room with vintage décor. The wood photo prints fit in both modern and rustic decors. Since wood is natural, it fits in with any décor. 

Understanding the similarities and differences between acrylic and wooden photo blocks will make it easier for you to determine which photo block is perfect for you.