Types of Woods Used for Making Wooden Picture Stands

Products made from wood are interesting to look at. The different colours and stains make the wooden picture stand attractive. When your guests notice your pictures displayed on the wooden picture stand, they are not just drawn to pictures but also the wood. 

Makers of wooden picture stands have their preference for wood to use. They mainly choose between hard and dost wood. Both types of wood have advantages and disadvantages. 


Hardwoods have beautiful grain patterns, handle cutting machines well, are easy to stain and have a great finishing. Unfortunately, hardwood more expensive than softwood. Oakwood, Mahogany, Birch Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and Poplar are some of the woods commonly used for making wooden picture stands. 

These woods have unique characteristics which influence the differences in the appearance of wooden picture stands. Hardwood is favoured because it is hard-wearing, and it resists scratches and dents. Since you are likely to move wooden picture stands around, you need to get one made from high-quality wood. 


Cypress, cedar, pine, fir, and spruce are some of the softwoods commonly used. Their grain patterns are rather plain and not as attractive and intense as those of hardwood. Since they are soft, these woods can be curved into picture stands of different shapes. Some softwoods absorb paint well and are cheaper than hardwood. 

Unique features of popular woods 


This wood, also known as Linden, is from the Tilia family. It falls under hardwood but is easy to carve and shape. It is often chosen because it is lightweight, has unobstructed grain, and is smooth to touch. 


Cedar is a softwood known to repel moths. It makes it a great choice if you are looking for wood to protect your pictures and artwork. This wood comes in various shades and grains. The colours range from pinkish-white to a rich brown-red. 


Pine, a softwood, is light-yellowish in colour. It has even straight grains that resemble a bar code. This wood tends to resist paint applications. With these features, you may wonder why this wood is sometimes used to make wooden picture stands and frames. Well, pine is affordable. When making wood items with machines, the likelihood of some getting damaged is high. Since pine is cheap, losses are minimal when damages occur. 


Mahogany, a popular hardwood known for its red hue. While other types of woods mimic its red colour, its straight grain and durability are unmatched. Some mahogany species have a glossy sheen when polished. These features make this mahogany ideal for a wooden picture stand. 


Walnut is a dense hardwood with irregular grains. Some walnuts have straight grains, which are easier to work with, while irregular grains are harder to cut. Since this is an expensive wood, wood that chipped while being cut is often used for small wooden picture stands. Irregular grains still work and are attractive on wooden picture stands. 

When ordering a wooden picture stand, some vendors will give you the option of choosing the wood you’d like. Understanding the features, especially the stain and colour, will help you make the right choice. 

Wooden Photo Blocks vs Acrylic Photo Blocks

Technology has not only improved the quality of photos we take, but it has also changed how photos are presented and displayed. Recent innovations include acrylic photo blocks and customized wood photo prints

Since both displays are attractive and unique, choosing one over the other can be difficult. Before deciding whether you should go for acrylic or wooden photo blocks, it is best to look at each photo display’s pros and cons. 

Acrylic photo blocks add depth to images.

When you look at the image on the acrylic photo block, it appears at the block’s bottom. The depth makes the image more dramatic and increases colour intensity. On the other hand, Wood photo prints appear on the surface of the wooden photo block. Both photo blocks are fascinating and offer unique impressions of the same image. 

Wooden photo blocks are cheaper.

If your choice of photo block depends on the cost, then you’ll discover that the wooden photo block is cheaper. The price difference may be linked to the process used in attaching the image or the final product. However, the price difference is not too huge, so you can still choose based on other factors besides price. 

Acrylic and wooden photo blocks are durable.

One of the concerns buyers have when comparing the acrylic and print photo on wood block, the question is often linked to durability. Both photo blocks can last a lifetime if well cared for. However, the acrylic photo block is scratch-free and does not break easily when it falls. 

The wooden block, on the other hand, is a little delicate. It can scratch if one rubs it against a rough surface. When exposed to water, the edges may also be affected. 

The acrylic photo block sometimes has a glare.

Since the acrylic photo block is glass-like, it tends to have a glare if placed close to the window. To fully appreciate the vibrancy of the acrylic photo block, it is best to place it in a place where the light’s glare will not interfere with the photo’s appearance.

The wooden photo block does not usually reflect. So, you have greater flexibility on where to place the photo. 

Both make great gifts.

Acrylic and wooden photo blocks can be personalized. This makes them excellent gifts, especially if you are looking for a unique, functional gift. Both are decorative and keepsakes that receivers will cherish for life. 

If you want a corporate gift, the acrylic photo block may be ideal because it has an element of class that will enhance an office’s appeal. The wooden photo block is a little informal and is a better choice for the home. However, it comes down to preference and where one wants to place the photo block. 

Wooden photo blocks are excellent for rustic décor

Both acrylic and wooden photo blocks are easy to spot when one walks into a room. It is important to remember these photo blocks are not just a way to showcase your photos. They can be critical to your décor.

Acrylic photo blocks are excellent for modern decors and may look out of place when used in a room with vintage décor. The wood photo prints fit in both modern and rustic decors. Since wood is natural, it fits in with any décor. 

Understanding the similarities and differences between acrylic and wooden photo blocks will make it easier for you to determine which photo block is perfect for you. 

Guide to Buying Acrylic Display Stands

You have probably seen different types of popular acrylic display stands in retail stores and corporate office. Given the wide range of goods on display, the acrylic stand comes in different designs and sizes. Some are large enough to hold books and magazines. Some of the small acrylic stands are used as business card holders, pen holders, and product support holders.

When buying acrylic display stands, there are several things you need to have in mind. 

Do you want a display for single or multiple products?

The acrylic stand is an excellent way of displaying your products. You will discover an acrylic stand holder for a single item. Tiered acrylic shelves are ideal for multiple products. What’s important is to find one that is adequate for your displays. 

When deciding between a single and tiered acrylic stand, you need to consider the items you want to display. Items like brochures can be piled together in a tiered acrylic stand. However, some items are better displayed on a single acrylic stand for a better impact. For example, single acrylic stand holders are popular in luxury retail stores to draw attention to the product. 

Should you get clear or coloured acrylic stands?

Clear acrylic stands are the most common type. Many people prefer them because they don’t want the acrylic stand to take attention away from the products on display. However, the coloured acrylic stand holder can also be alluring and great at drawing attention to someone’s desk. 

There are three main types of coloured acrylic display stands, transparent, translucent, and opaque. Your choice will depend on your preference. You may choose to use coloured acrylic display stands that fit in with the interior décor of the space it will occupy. 

Consider the shape of the acrylic stand

Since items of different shapes are placed on acrylic display stands, you will find stands of different shapes in the market. For example, retail shoe stores display shoes on acrylic stand holders that are in the shape of the shoe. 

The acrylic material can be manipulated into any shape. You can request for display stands to be designed into your desired shape. When you get the right acrylic stand, you will have a neat display that is likely to draw the attention of potential customers. 

You should also consider the general shape of products you expect to have on display. This way, you can rotate the products on the acrylic display holder without feeling the need to have many acrylic display stands. Choosing the shape you need most will ultimately save you money. 

Choose a stand that is easy to clean

The acrylic stand is generally easy to clean. However, some are easier to clean because they don’t have deep corners that collect dust. If your office or store is located in an area where dust and dirt easily accumulate on surfaces, you should opt for simple acrylic display stands. 

The acrylic stand holder is the practical choice for displaying products in a store. Acrylic is a better material than glass because it does not break easily. It also does not scratch easily, so you may not feel the need to replace the acrylic display stands often. 

Ideas on How to Use Acrylic Photo Blocks

Acrylic photo blocks offer a modern and unique way of preserving photos that mean a lot to you. It is an excellent way of making an impression, whether using the photo block as part of your décor or getting it as a gift. 

You can give personalised acrylic photo prints to your friends and family so that they can have a glimpse of the exciting moments in your life. 

Create a montage of an event

Some events in our lives define who we are. Some even change us. Some occasions bring out the best in you, and you want to hold on to your feelings at the time. Acrylic photo prints will remind you of the good times or give you hope when life gets tough. 

For example, you can create a photo montage of your wedding, major birthday milestone or a journey you undertook that changed your life. Change is inevitable in life. Keeping a physical reminder of your favourite memories with acrylic photo blocks is an excellent way of documenting life’s journey. 

Capture your children’s milestones

You have probably had the statement children grow fast so many times. You have probably said so yourself every time your kids move from one milestone to the next. Unfortunately, as we get older, some of the memories of your child’s first step, first birthday, and even images when they were babies start fading. 

Taking photos of some of the most notable milestones is an awesome way to keep the memories alive. Even better, storing some of these images in a photo block will serve as a vivid reminder of the emotions during this period in your life. 

Personalised gift

Has a family member had a baby? Is a loved one getting married, or is he soon reaching an age considered a major milestone? Finding the perfect gift is not easy. Sometimes it isn’t easy to get a gift that will rightly convey your joy and appreciation of someone important in your life. However, an acrylic photo block may be the game-changer. 

A photo block is a multi-faceted gift that will capture your feelings, and at the same time, make the gift seem special just for the person for whom it is intended. For example, you can use a new born’s photo to convey congratulations to the new parents. You can also insert a text to convey unique best wishes from your heart.

Use the photo block to tell a story.

Has your life been a roller coaster whose story needs to be told? Unfortunately, we all cannot write biographies; neither should we wait for too long before telling these stories. If you seek an appealing way of telling a story without words, why not use acrylic photo blocks?

For instance, you can tell a story of changes in your family with the use of photos. You can capture photos of your dating years, your wedding, the additions in your family from the first child, photos of your parents when they first met their grandchildren, and so on.

Life is a journey, and just like the trips you take to various destinations, you want to capture these memories. 

Acrylic photo blocks can be used in various ways. You only need to be creative. Whether you are using one photo or creating a photo montage, you are preserving physical reminders of events in your life. You are also getting decorative pieces for your home and office, so you need to use the best images. 

Things to Consider When Buying Acrylic Music Album

When a product becomes popular, it is natural to see more people selling it. It makes business sense because the entrepreneur doesn’t need to spend much marketing the product because of the high demand. In Singapore, just like in other countries, more people have come to appreciate a personalised Spotify acrylic music album as a gift and a keepsake. 

If you have decided to get the custom Spotify acrylic, you will discover hundreds of sellers. How then do you decide the best site, business or individual to buy the Spotify acrylic? How do you know you’ve chosen the best acrylic music album?

Do you want clear or coloured acrylic?

When choosing custom acrylic Singapore, the acrylic type may not seem to be an issue, but it is. Some sellers only use clear acrylic to limit the number of choices because it can be confusing for first-time buyers. However, some want to give as many options as possible when personalizing the acrylic music album. 

If you are interested in having plaques of various colours, find out what colour options are available. It is important to determine if the image you want to use will be enhanced by coloured acrylic. If the image is overwhelmed or overshadowed, you should consider using clear or white acrylic. 

Does the seller offer acrylic products of different sizes?

If you have decided to buy a Spotify acrylic plaque, you want to have as many options as possible. This way, you can customize it as much as you’d like. For example, a seller offering plaques of various sizes gives you the chance to select the Spotify acrylic that works for you. 

For example, if you want one to hang on your wall to be part of your interior décor, you may decide to go for an A4 or A5. If you are looking for one to place on your desk, you need to find out if the size being sold is ideal or if you need a smaller one. 

Some sellers even have pocket-size custom acrylic Singapore, which also works as a key holder. Using a seller with products of only one size keeps you from exploring Spotify acrylic plaques of various sizes. 

Find out the various shapes of acrylics available.

Although most of the Spotify acrylics in the market are rectangular or square, some makers offer various shapes irrespective of size. For example, some have a heart-shaped, circle, and oval plaques to make shopping more interesting for buyers. 

If you are interested in a collection of Spotify acrylic music plaques, having them in various shapes will not only make your wall of music more interesting but quite attractive too. 

Read reviews of other buyers.

Since a significant number of sellers in Singapore offer the Spotify acrylic online, you should ask what customers have to say about the quality of products and service. It is easy to assume that one acrylic plaque is the same as another. However, some people go out of their way to make the music album attractive. 

The quality of service also matters. Does the seller deliver the custom acrylic Singapore promptly? Does he pay attention to detail, especially in the written text? The reviews will help you make up your mind if you are yet to decide where to buy the acrylic plaque. 

Researching the various Spotify acrylic plaques in the market will help you choose the right seller and product. You are likely to be more satisfied if you get an acrylic plaque that is the right size, colour, and shape.